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“Healing the Mother Wound”

Highlighting different animal guides and symbolism, this piece is for healing the mother wound.
The wolf is a powerful symbol of family and their loyalty to the pack. The mother wolf will even go as far as to kill their own young if they sense they are in danger of suffering. Sometimes as mothers, us humans do things to our young out of fear for their safety. We may learn later on that our attempts to toughen them up or “save” them from enduring pain and hardship or criticising what they are doing in hopes of teaching them how to have a better life were in fact... futile and detrimental, often times causing trauma and even killing the joy in our young. most likely we learned the behaviours from our own mothers.
As we realiSe that our mothers did the very best they could with what (skills ) they had... a window of healing opens.
The dandelions are one of the most powerful medicinal healing plants there is, yet we have learned to call them weeds and think they are a nuisance. Sometimes we even poison them to make sure they don’t grow back. Yet they continue to flourish. Thousands of powerful seeds blowing through the air even planting new seeds in cracks in the sidewalk.
Where have you shamed your own powerful medicine or gifts within, thinking it was just a nuisance weed that you needed to get rid of? Often times we call them character defects. If you look closely, you may find that very same defect protected you from abuse and now can consciously be utilised for powerful transformation and change in your life and psyche.
The parrot is a symbol of heart opening and forgiveness. As a parrot repeats words and phrases, with mantras and affirmations you can begin to transform what your inner dialogue is expressing. As unique as the colours of the parrot’s feathers, your own natural brilliance is unique and boldly beautiful.
The butterfly is transformation.. and the yellow butterfly specifically brings confidence in your blessings and good fortune. It symbolises positive events on your horizon.
Finally, the flower of life is the sacred geometry highlighting the Madonna and child. This symbol starts from the seed of life, representing unity of all life, the union of the sacred masculine and divine feminine and the interconnectedness of all beings >>> as we cycle through life death and rebirth, together. Meditating on this symbol holds a key to unlocking higher states of consciousness.

Healing the Mother Wound

  • Each piece is printed on cotton canvas. I then hand paint them with metallics and iridescent embellishments, so no two paintings are ever exactly the same. The added touches truly make the pieces come alive.

    The mat and acrylic frame make this piece 11X14 inches. 

    The mat colour is white. Mat only option is 11x14inches

    The 16x20 Glicee is hand detailed with acrylic on canvas and the canvas is wrap around, so there is no frame. If the 16x20 Glicee is out of stock, please message or email me and I will be happy to order for you. It takes about 2-3 weeks to recieve if out of stock. If it is showing in stock, you will recieve in about 5-7 days. 

    The 16x20 Original is the Original Painting; Oil on Canvas and does not include a frame. 

    Each print will include the written description adhered to the back of the frame so it can be taken off the wall as a reminder any time you need a bit of encouragement.

    Having artwork with affirmative words of encouragement have been instrumental in my own healing journey, and I am honored to pass on the opportunity to you as well.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is Everything. It is the preview of Life's coming attractions."
                                                                                                                                                -Albert Einstein 

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