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My Approach

I work primarily with women. I find that women sharing with other women is an ideal platform for rigorous honesty, vulnerability and trust. I am a woman so I believe I relate to and understand women the best. 

It's extremely important to express authentically how you are perceiving your life experience. Your thoughts and feelings are valid, they are real and your truth is important. 


As a metaphysician I believe that exactly like an artist chooses what colours, shapes and lines to use to paint a picture, every thought you think and every word you speak is painting the outer experience of your life.


Once your authentic, honest and vulnerable thoughts and feelings have been fully expressed and understood without judgement, there is a deeper understanding of what you want and don't want to experience in your life. 

 As humans, we obsess over what we are afraid of. Our human minds, whether in fear from traumatic experiences or because of societal conditioning, can become stuck in a loop that is arguing for our limitations. Catastrophic thinking, expecting the worst, noticing what sucks about everything and everyone; causes limitations in your life experiences.


To create the reality you truly want, it is important to shift from focusing on the things you don't like and don't want in your life, and streamline your focus to the reality you would like to experience. 

Metaphysics works with the realms of the unseen. It is moving the invisible (what we want) into the visible (our physical reality), and the visible (what we don't want) back into the invisible (out of our reality). 

Every thought you think is a seed planted into creation. A disciplined mind, free from limitation, can choose what thoughts to plant into the creative substance of life. 

This is the Law of Cause and Effect.


Every thought you think and word you speak is causing the effect of the experiences you are having in your outer world. 

When we work together, we meet once a week for the first four sessions, and then from there we look at a plan of either weekly, every other week or once a month that works best for you.

If you are working on physical symptoms, I work as a companion to the medical doctor of your belief system. For example if you are a cancer patient who has decided chemo therapy is the treatment that will work the best for you, I work with your current treatment to combat any argument for limitation against your healing that may be preventing the chemo from being effective. Since metaphysics deals with cause and effect of your thoughts and beliefs, it is very important that you fully believe in your treatment without reservation. It is the same with any other treatments you are utilising for your wellness, whether it be a financial advisor, neurologist, rabbi, priest or psychiatrist. They are all inclusive in metaphysics.


In between sessions, daily, for the first week after our session, I offer remote treatments. The remote treatments keep the manifesting energy flowing and greatly increases the results of the treatments. 


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How the private sessions work:

We begin by discussing what you would like to work on in your life. We look at and discuss thought patterns that are counter productive to what you are wanting to manifest, what you are currently doing to treat them and treat them metaphysically. 


The metaphysical treatments are deeply relaxing,  incorporating Reiki as well as sound healing. It is in deep states of rest that the greatest healing occurs. The self healer within you is activated.


As a metaphysician, I see the reality for you, that you wish to experience. As I fully realise you in that state, and simultaniously you free yourself from the arguments of limitation, that reality you desire becomes true for you. 

The experiences people have vary. Some people go into a deep state of rest and have powerful visualisations, others have insights and epiphanies and deep awakenings, and others fall asleep and experience deep rest and rejuvenation. 

Working with an experienced metaphysician can rapidly increase the manifestation/transformation process. Sometimes there is great fear, doubt and resistance that can arise. Many times a lifetime of social conditioning has left heavy imprints in our psyche. It is typically easier for others to see the good things happening for us, then it is for us to see it for ourselves. As a metaphysician I have done extensive work and training to see beyond the reality that has presented itself. I have insight and metaphysical techniques to share with you that will assist you in seeing the infinite potential for that new reality to happen for you.

As we work together, cognitively, you will learn how to consciously notice your own thoughts and words, and the seeds you are planting with what you are thinking and speaking. You will grow in understanding of the laws of metaphysics and how they are currently influencing your life and how you can immediately shift them to work in your favour. 


You will see powerful evidence and demonstrations actively occurring in your life experience.  

You will come to know a greater sense of physical well being, peace of mind,  financial security, harmonious relationships, happiness within your heart and creativity flowing through you. 

When you have experienced a demonstration it means that what you are wanting has appeared and what you no longer want is removed from your life experience. At that point some people choose to continue working on other areas in their lives, and some move to an as needed basis, and still others choose to continue regular treatments for the deep relaxation and maintenance of well being. 

You are not in any way locked into any amount of sessions. This is all based on what you believe is beneficial for you. I recommend beginning with at least four consecutive sessions once a week, because in the beginning it can be very beneficial to keep the energy consistent while the mind is releasing the old and creating new cognitive pathways. 


 My intention is that you are empowered with the insight, understanding and metaphysical tools to continue to create and live the life of your dreams, far beyond the time we are working together,  for the rest of your life on earth.

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