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Learning and realizing that fear is an illusion is powerful and liberating. 


We obsess over what we are terrified of.  Our brain is designed to recognize danger. It presents as a fear of it occuring again based on the data that we have recieved in our experience.  Our brain then is designed to obsess over that event, or situation and calculate the best way to avoid the danger. 


It is our survival instinct. 


Our brain is designed to instinctively cling to fear. 


When I experienced deep psycotic paranoia, was when I fully realized that all fear is an illusion. It was not only my psycotic paranoia that was not real...any and all fear I had was an imagining designed to prevent my extinction.


The many thoughts I had that came and went that were fearful, I came to realize, were all based in some type of illusion, because there was no way I could truly know if what I was fearful of was going to happen or even happening in that moment. 


As I practiced releasing thate tight grip I had on my fear, and asked myself in meditation, what if I just stopped worrying about this? What if I just stopped thinking about this?  I began practicing fasting from not only the deeply paranoid thoughts, but all thoughts that I could consciously recognise as fearful. 


Something truly profound happened. 


There was an intense liberation that would occur, bursting through my entire spirit. It was in the gap that would be created between the fearful thought, and the suspension of thinking of it. 


It was like a microburst of euphoria....every time I gave myself permission to completely let go of those anxious thoughts, I felt relief. 


I began to contemplate a higher power, a power of goodness in the Universe that was woven into the very nature of existence. It seemed logical to me that goodness existed, and that nature was indeed miraculous, making little tiny seeds grow into huge trees, or how bees polinate flowers and make honey and how it all has been proven to be so incredibly symbiotic in nature. 


If everything was out to get and destroy everything else, there would be no existence at all. 


So I could believe that the power of goodness was the most intelligent and efficient power in the universe. 


As I would notice fear, and practice not obsessing on it and fasting from thinking of it and surrendering to a faith that this power of goodness would make it all work harmoniously, no matter what, I began to realize I could stop trying to control the cosmos. 


I could rest. I could trust in goodness. 


The more I did that....the more good things happened around me. 


Soon, I could see how even what appeared to be a bad I practiced trusting somehow that bad thing was conspiring to be for the highest would be ultimately, way better of an outcome than I could ever imagine. 

Fear Not

  • Each piece is printed on cotton canvas. I then hand paint them with metallics and iridescent embellishments, so no two paintings are ever exactly the same. The added touches truly make the pieces come alive.

    The mat and acrylic frame make this piece 11X14 inches. 

    The mat colour is white. Mat only option is 11x14inches

    The 16x20 Glicee is hand detailed with acrylic on canvas and the canvas is wrap around, so there is no frame. If the 16x20 Glicee is out of stock, please message or email me and I will be happy to order for you. It takes about 2-3 weeks to recieve if out of stock. If it is showing in stock, you will recieve in about 5-7 days. 

    The 16x20 Original is the Original Painting; Oil on Canvas and does not include a frame. 

    Each print will include the written description adhered to the back of the frame so it can be taken off the wall as a reminder any time you need a bit of encouragement.

    Having artwork with affirmative words of encouragement have been instrumental in my own healing journey, and I am honored to pass on the opportunity to you as well.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is Everything. It is the preview of Life's coming attractions."
                                                                                                                                                -Albert Einstein 

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