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Christmas: Beyond Dogma and the Birth of Christ Consciousness

Christmas is a season that brings to mind images of twinkling lights, beautifully adorned trees, gift exchanges, and happy gatherings. Naturally, it is also associated with the birth of Jesus Christ, as celebrated by Christians worldwide. However, this blog post aims to delve into the deeper meanings of Christmas, beyond traditional dogma. It explores the concept of the birth of Christ consciousness within each individual and its relationship with the winter solstice, personal empowerment, and sovereignty.

The Birth of Christ Consciousness

The term 'Christ Consciousness' refers to an enlightened awareness characterized by unconditional love and compassion, much like the consciousness believed to be held by Jesus Christ. It is a state of mind that transcends religious affiliations, symbolizing an awakening to our highest potential.

Christmas can be seen as a symbolic representation of this awakening within each individual. The birth of Jesus Christ can be viewed not merely as a historical event but as a metaphor for the birth of this enlightened consciousness within us all. Viewing Christmas from this perspective can provide a refreshing and spiritually enriching way to experience the holiday season.

Christmas and the Winter Solstice

The winter solstice, occurring around December 21st, marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. This event has been recognized and celebrated by various cultures throughout history due to its symbolic significance of the rebirth of the sun.

Interestingly, Christmas falls closely after the winter solstice and shares similar themes of renewal and rebirth. The parallel between these two events extends to their shared symbolism with the concept of Christ Consciousness. Just as the sun is reborn during the winter solstice, so too is our own enlightened consciousness symbolically reborn during Christmas.

Christmas as Personal Empowerment

Christ Consciousness, a profound term that dissolves religious boundaries, represents the truest state of intellectual development and emotional maturity. It is the realization of our inherent divine nature and our unity with the cosmic consciousness that binds all creation.

Basically this means to fully love yourself so much, and so completely falling into true love of self, that this love overflows to all the beings around you. This can happen in an instant. It could even happen right now.

Imagine a state of being where love, compassion, forgiveness, and service to others are not just ideals, but the core of your existence. You can't help but to be this way, because it's what you already are. This is Christ Consciousness. It's the transformation of your consciousness that transcends you from physical existence to your inherent, natural state of love.

When you view Christmas through this transformative lens, it becomes more than just a holiday. It becomes an empowering personal journey. By recognizing and nurturing your own Christ Consciousness, you embark on a path of peace and true fulfilment of your life's purpose. It's not just about celebrating the birth of Jesus, but awakening the Christ Consciousness within you.

This divine awakening is about dissolving fears, prejudices, and limiting beliefs in the light of awareness of the perfection of who you already are. The realization that there is nothing between you and the embodiment of this Christ Consciousness, this ongoing conversation with a loving God within you, that has the power to dissolve all of your fears, prejudices, and limiting beliefs. You are the Guru within yourself, creating the mantras that define your life. Allow for this Guru to be the Guru of the highest love for itself. Now the mantras that define your life will empower you. As the mantras within you change, to the voice of a loving, all powerful ally and protector, you reveal and embody your true divine nature, resplendent and radiant.

Embracing Christ Consciousness unites you with your true self, leading to a life filled with love, understanding, and a profound sense of peace. It is this enlightened state of being that we notice when we celebrate Christmas, making the holiday a deeply empowering personal experience.

Celebrating Christmas can become a practice of consciously nurturing this enlightened state of mind inherent within you as you learn how to truly love the beautiful you, you already are. This in turn cultivates a sense of inner peace and compassion towards all beings.

What if there is nothing left to forgive yourself for in this moment. What if you could release all shame and guilt right now, and embrace who you truly are? What if you could forgive yourself the way Christ forgave others?

Releasing Resentments

One of the most transformative aspects of Christ Consciousness is the release of resentments. When we embody Christ Consciousness, we begin to view others through the lens of love and compassion. This shift allows us to forgive others, thereby releasing any resentment we may hold.

The Power of Forgiveness and Self-awareness

As sovereign beings embodying Christ Consciousness, we gain an enlightened understanding of the harm resentment brings us. Self-forgiveness is a critical component of this process.

Forgiving Ourselves

When we honestly evaluate our past behaviors in the light of awareness, it becomes essential to forgive ourselves. This self-forgiveness does not mean ignoring or justifying our past mistakes. Instead, it's an acknowledgment of our human nature and an understanding that we acted based on the tools and clarity we had at that particular moment.

Recognizing that we would have acted differently if we had more awareness or better tools at our disposal can be a powerful catalyst for self-forgiveness. As we forgive ourselves, we empower ourselves with inner peace and emotional well-being.

The Ease of Forgiving Others

Once we forgive ourselves, the path to forgiving others becomes clearer. The same light of awareness that allows us to forgive ourselves also illuminates our understanding of others. We realize that everyone is genuinely doing the best they can with the tools and clarity they have at the moment, just like we do.

This understanding makes it easier to forgive others for their behaviors, as we recognize their actions as reflections of their current level of awareness, tools, and understanding.

The Human Nature

It's human nature to strive to do better. If we could have done better, we would have. This understanding creates a sense of compassion and empathy, both for ourselves and for others. It's a testament to the inherent goodness of human nature and the transformative power of forgiveness and understanding. This is the embodiment of Christ Consciousness.

In essence, as we learn to forgive ourselves, we find the capacity to forgive others. This mutual forgiveness, rooted in understanding and compassion, enhances our emotional well-being and leads us towards a life of peace and fulfillment.

Empowered Decision Making

Christ Consciousness and the concept of being a sovereign being are intrinsically linked. Recognizing our Christ Consciousness is a key step towards embracing our sovereignty, which is the realization of our inherent power and freedom. This state of being empowers us to make conscious decisions about how to create experiences in our lives and who we choose to create them with.

As sovereign beings, we understand that we are the creators of our own reality. This understanding empowers us to make decisions that align with our highest good and spiritual growth. It allows us to create a reality that reflects our deepest desires and highest aspirations.

The Metaphor of Christmas

The birth of Christ at Christmas can be seen as a metaphor for our own rebirth and empowerment as sovereign beings. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we can also celebrate the birth of our own Christ Consciousness. This spiritual awakening signifies our true potential and inherent power, leading us towards a life of fulfillment of purpose, peace, and joy.

In essence, nurturing our Christ Consciousness allows us to embody the qualities of a sovereign being, enabling us to release resentments, make empowered decisions, and create fulfilling experiences in our lives.


In conclusion, Christmas holds myriad layers of significance beyond its traditional religious connotations. It symbolizes the birth of Christ Consciousness within us, an event that aligns beautifully with the themes of rebirth inherent in the winter solstice. Recognizing and nurturing this Consciousness can lead to personal empowerment and help us embrace our sovereignty.

As we experience this Christmas Day, I invite you to look beyond the usual festive traditions and explore these deeper layers of meaning for you. You may find that this perspective not only enhances your holiday experience but also contributes to your overall spiritual growth and well being. You were brought here to read these words. What if it is time to truly recognize how loveable you are and release yourself from all shame and guilt, toward yourself and others, right now?

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