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The Purpose of Metaphysics is

To Create the Life of Your Dreams 

Rev Gracie Joyce B.Msc

Metaphysician, Artist, Author, Reiki Master,

Metaphysical Minister,

Bachelors of Metaphysical Science

     Welcome! My wish is that you find useful resources and tools here to assist you in Creating the Life of Your Dreams! 


     Metaphysics works with the unseen Laws of the Universe.

It is the practice of working with the Powerful Creator within us, around us, and in all things. With the power of our thoughts and words, we can transform and create our lives. 


    My own experience overcoming trauma, diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, psychotic episodes, addictions, abusive relationships and suicide attempts was a catalyst for me to find a new way of living. 

    Metaphysics has given me the tools and insight to live an empowered life, completely free from all of those previous sufferings. 


   As a Metaphysician, I now share the very same tools of transformation and insights with my private clients. 


    As a Metaphysical Artist, I create images and words that assist in the transmission of insight, awakening and wisdom.


You can shop for my illustrated book and prints of my images here

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Specializing in:
Peace of Mind, Financial Security, Attracting Love, Harmonious Relationships, Physical Well Being, and re-Activating Creativity

Peace of Mind

Instead of experiencing anxiety, panic, depression, addiction, negativity, insecurity and fear, as your Metaphysician, I will work with your psychiatric care or physician, guiding you to discover and experience Peace of Mind beyond all understanding. 

Financial Security

Instead of experiencing poverty financial insecurity, inability to make ends meet and lack, as your Metaphysician, I will guide you to discover and experience Financial Security, Prosperity, Wealth and Success!

Attracting Love 

Instead of experiencing loneliness, and heartache, as your Metaphysician, I will guide you to attract the perfect partnership, and ideal companion of your dreams!

Harmonious Relationships 

Instead of experiencing conflict, arguments, abuse, neglect and abandonment, as your Metaphysian, I will guide you to experience perfect Harmony in all your relations.

Physical Well-Being

Instead of experiencing sickness, pain, disease, illness, and ageing, as your Metaphysician, I will work with your medical professionals, guiding you to experience well being, self healing and perfect health consciousness. 

re-Activating Creativity

Instead of experiencing blocked creativity or limitations in your talent and skill, as your Metaphysician, I will guide you to experience a steady flow of your creative genius. 

"I just feel like I have a whole new Source now!! It's been life changing. I've never felt so free and happy!"

Holly, Charleston SC

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